[ubuntu-za] Portable hard drive

Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Tue Oct 25 06:26:49 UTC 2016

I have used gparted to find ext2 option

On 24/10/2016 17:17, leesharp at hal-pc.org wrote:
>> Good day all, my new portable Samsung T3 SSD (250 GB) needs installation
>> of extfat-utils to open in Ubuntu. I cannot install this software when
>> running on live cd. Is there a better way out, e.g. by reformatting to
>> get away from its current exFAT HTFS/NTFS?
> Actually, you can install it, but you have to install it each time you
> boot. :)  Not a perfect solution...
> That said, I was talking with a friend the other day about moving files
> between a WinPC and a Mac.  Performance on a Mac with exFAT and with NTFS
> is poor, so he uses EXT2! Really!  And he does not use Linux!  But Mac
> supports it out of the box, and Windows with a driver.  Windows will also
> support up to ext3 (which is ext2 with journalling) with the ext2 driver
> (by turning off journalling...), but has issues with the default setup of
> ext4 and writing.  So, I would format it ext2.
> Lee

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