[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu virus-free but what about bugs?

Frans de waal meesterarend at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 12:57:24 UTC 2013

On Wednesday, 11 September 2013, Jan Greeff wrote:

> A bug has been reported to the effect that the "-" button in the pictures
> folder of the desktop images in Ubuntu 12.04 does not work, so we can
> upload images via "+" but cannot delete them via "-".
> What puzzles me is that a little bug like this cannot be too difficult to
> rectify, why is it not done?
> What also puzzles me is the fact that, when I load new images to this
> pictures folder, they get deleted every time when I close the page,
> however, some images that I have deleted to trash have found their way to
> the pictures folder and are stuck there, there is apparently no way that I
> can delete them.
> Jan
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This is where every one starts asking "But are there really one piece of
software that's bug free?"

Jan yes I too find that there are lots of bugs...but it's Linux and its
free...and I do like a challenge when it presents itself, workarounds are
great ways to get around these problems, sometimes one just need to think
out of the box and work with the problems, even the best of them does have
some major flaws they are just better hidden.

Now there are some questions: what are the program versions you are using
and which program do you use to open this pictures folder?
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