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Johan Mynhardt johanmynhardt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 10:47:47 UTC 2013

> Could it be that the OpenJDK is installed ok but the path did not get
> set into the user $PATH environment? Perhaps that is why running
> greenfoot from the term said "You may need to edit the
> /usr/bin/greenfoot launch script." - that script possibly contains a
> setting that points to the path of the openJDK. So you can sudo edit
> that script and fix the path in there.

I had a look at that script and it looks in /usr/lib/jvm/* for all

If the JDK, Oracle or OpenJDK, was installed, it would be there, also,
"java -version" wouldn't work if $PATH was incorrect.

> Or you can find and add the openjdk path to your global environment
> path, so it is seen by the system - you can see how to do this here:
> http://askubuntu.com/questions/175514/how-to-set-java-home-for-openjdk
The other issue is that that script uses it's own environment variable,
$JAVAPATH, not $JAVA_HOME or $JDK_HOME like the norm is. It also unsets
that variable at the start.
No idea why they don't look for the normal known variables :-/

> Good luck and happy learning,
> wesley
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