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Dewald Noeth djnoeth at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 16:17:36 UTC 2012

Oops I thought its 18 september! Ok that gives us enough time to organise some good parties.

Could all the organisers please send me all the details so we can add it to the loco page, the ubuntu-za page and the wiki, and advertise as wide as possible

What to bring (eat, drink, CD's, network cables???):
Will there be internet:
Who is the contact person:

Thanx guys!

PS. For those who would like a repo on an external drive for your party and have access to free mirror (varsity or webafica account), tumbleweed (stefano) posted this How-To a while ago:


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Hi guys, Good work Nico, lets hear from the guys/gals in the other 
centres about their plans for release parties in their areas. I believe 
the durban guys are also making plans.
I think the planned release date is the 18th Oct.  So plan for after 
that. With luck the cd's might not get stuck at customs this time.
All the best

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