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Robin Bownes robin at bownes.co.za
Mon Sep 10 11:06:31 UTC 2012

On 09/10/2012 07:58 AM, Miles wrote:
> Hi there all of you that don't like Unity in 12.04 and so are still 
> stuck on 10.04.
> Mate is a fork of gnome2 and works like a dream on 12.04 and is faster 
> than unity.
> A few simple cli commands and away you go. All your workspaces back 
> and whatever
> else was better with gnome. Here is the link
> http://www.unixmen.com/mate-desktop-version-1-2-arrives-install-in-ubuntu-11-10-12-04-precise-pangolin/
> I have given unity 2 months of trial but feel this is the way to go 
> for those who don't like it.
> Happy days
> Miles
Thanks Miles.

I've been using Unity since it became available with 11.04 (if I 
remember correctly), and must say that, unlike many, there are a lot 
more things about it that I like, than there are things that I don't. 
However, the thing that caught my eye in your post was your mention of 
Gimp. As a photographer, I spend a very large proportion of my day in 
Gimp, and was really becoming very frustrated and disillusioned by how 
badly Gimp worked in Unity. So, I decided to give Mate a try.

While I've only been using it for a couple of hours, I must say that, 
particularly as relates to Gimp, it works beautifully. Gimp is back to 
running quickly, without all the lags, delays and crashes that I'd 
resigned myself to under Unity. (because although multiple crash reports 
were filed, I received no constructive feedback)

Thank you. You made my day.
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