[ubuntu-za] Damaged Evolution 3.2.3

Charles Irons ironscf at nashuaisp.co.za
Mon Sep 10 11:04:43 UTC 2012

Good day Ubuntu-ZA

I am a retired end-user of Ubuntu Linux.  I hope you are willing to
advise me how to fix Evolution or who else can help..

Will Mail folders be kept if I remove Evolution and re-install? Must I
copy back the .evolution folder before I re-install?

After using Ubuntu since 5.04 I upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04.1 Precise
Pangolin 8 days ago via Internet . When Contacts gave the message :
"Error loading address book: Invalid source" I realised Evolution was
damaged. Then the .evolution folder showed only an empty Tasks folder.

I have read many posts on Ask Ubuntu and Ubuntu Launchpad and I tried
starting evolution --offline several times after copying back folders
from my .evolution backup with no success. The last attempt showed :

>    chas at chas-desktop:~$ evolution --offline
>    ** (evolution:5224): CRITICAL **: categories_icon_theme_hack:
assertion `filename != >NULL && *filename != '\0'' failed
>    ** (evolution:5224): evolution-shell-CRITICAL **:
shell_settings_pspec_for_key: assertion >`schema_name != NULL' failed 
>    Migrating cached data 
>    Migrating config data 
>    Migrating local user data

Now the .evolution folder has disappeared. I do have the .evolution
backup file before the upgrade.

I need to save my mail folder contents (hundreds of emails) but get an
error when I try so I am not sure if the
evolution-backup-20120906.tar.gz  file is usable although it looks good
scanning the list of contents . Both the mbox and the new format mail
folders are there. 
Will Mail folders be kept if I remove evolution and re-install? Must I
copy back the .evolution folder before I re-install?

The Contacts and Calender I can rebuild but when I tried I got error
message :
"Unable to open address book. This either means that an incorrect URI
was entered or the server is unreachable. Invalid source".
Maybe I could repair them by fixing configuration?

Thanks for your attention. Chas

ironscf at nashuaisp.co.za
Home +2711 782 8623
Mobile +2783 588 0028

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