[ubuntu-za] Netiquette (Was: How to change critical level of battery in Ubuntu 12.04 ? & Is it safe to edit conf files of /etc/laptop-mode/ ?)

Stefano Rivera stefanor at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 10 10:44:14 UTC 2012

Hi Robin (2012.09.10_11:14:32_+0200)
> Much is written on this list, and in many other places about how to
> increase the public usage and acceptance of Ubuntu. My strongest
> suggestion, as it has been before, is to help other users at the
> level at which they require help, rather than beating them up over
> relatively inconsequential netiquette issues, or telling them that
> they'll only be helped once they've found the answer themselves on
> Google, or any of the other similarly rude and unhelpful responses
> that I've experienced and seen on this list.

Yes. Scaring newbies away from our lists is not a particularly useful
thing to do. On the other hand, if lists become too noisy, they lose the
more experienced members. I certainly pay a lot less attention to
cross-posted messages. And when the same person does it a bunch of
times, I get grumpy. I think that's fairly natural.

So there's a fine line of balance...

My preferred way to deal with netiquette issues is to reply with both
help and netiquette feedback in the same e-mail, to the list. That way,
they get the support they need, and hopefully learn the best way to
interact with our community.

Personally, I privately mailed Navdeep when I saw this thread, as I'd
seen a spate of cross-posting from him recently, and thought it would be
best to remind him to be respectful of the list readers' time. Navdeep,
I hope you didn't get too mailbombed by people doing the same thing :)


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