[ubuntu-za] Netiquette (Was: How to change critical level of battery in Ubuntu 12.04 ? & Is it safe to edit conf files of /etc/laptop-mode/ ?)

Robin Bownes robin at bownes.co.za
Mon Sep 10 10:57:41 UTC 2012

On 09/10/2012 12:44 PM, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Robin (2012.09.10_11:14:32_+0200)
>> Much is written on this list, and in many other places about how to
>> increase the public usage and acceptance of Ubuntu. My strongest
>> suggestion, as it has been before, is to help other users at the
>> level at which they require help, rather than beating them up over
>> relatively inconsequential netiquette issues, or telling them that
>> they'll only be helped once they've found the answer themselves on
>> Google, or any of the other similarly rude and unhelpful responses
>> that I've experienced and seen on this list.
> Yes. Scaring newbies away from our lists is not a particularly useful
> thing to do. On the other hand, if lists become too noisy, they lose the
> more experienced members. I certainly pay a lot less attention to
> cross-posted messages. And when the same person does it a bunch of
> times, I get grumpy. I think that's fairly natural.
> So there's a fine line of balance...
> My preferred way to deal with netiquette issues is to reply with both
> help and netiquette feedback in the same e-mail, to the list. That way,
> they get the support they need, and hopefully learn the best way to
> interact with our community.
> Personally, I privately mailed Navdeep when I saw this thread, as I'd
> seen a spate of cross-posting from him recently, and thought it would be
> best to remind him to be respectful of the list readers' time. Navdeep,
> I hope you didn't get too mailbombed by people doing the same thing :)
> SR
Thanks for your response Stefano. I think your approach of educating on 
both fronts is the constructive one. If only more people would respond 
with such understanding and patience. I think it is often forgotten, 
that Ubuntu newbies are also, most often, list newbies, and truly don't 
know all, or in fact any, of the complexities of netiquette as relate to 
lists, or anything else for that matter.

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