[ubuntu-za] ubuntu 12.10 daily live not able to use

Johan Scheepers johansche at telkomsa.net
Sat Sep 8 07:13:19 UTC 2012

On 06/09/2012 16:25, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Johan (2012.09.06_09:16:46_+0200)
>> I am a pensioner. As a hobby I fool around with linux flavours.
>> All is run on external usb drives.
> Sounds like you are the perfect person to playing with development
> releases :)
>> It is frustrating if a os is downloaded a few times and keep having
>> the same problem.
> Please check the Beta 1 release notes. Are the issues you are running
> into described here:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta1
> If not, please grab beta 1, once it's released later today, and see if
> it still has the same issues.
>> Like Quantal..no cursor on install.
> No mouse cursor? What kind of mouse do you have? Do you have another USB
> mouse you can try?
>> A tip from a member on a list. Try without internet connection. Well
>> it worked up to "choose a picture".
> Testing without an internet connection is something that's done for
> every release. Here's one of the test cases that is supposed to be run
> with no network connection:
> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1312/info
> I can't see any related looking bug:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity?field.searchtext=picture
>> So by putting out these feelers some unbelievable work arounds can
>> be found and hopefully the developers may take notice.
> The best way to get people take notice is to join the Ubuntu ISO testing
> team. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO
> Then whenever you test an Ubuntu image, you can submit your test
> results, and the relevant teams will see them.
> You can also just report issues like this in #ubuntu-testing on
> irc.freenode.net
>> Appreciate your efforts, so keep going please.
> And keep up your testing, please :)
> SR
Good day Stefano,

Just reporting back because you responded to my mail,

I have a microsoft and logitech mouses. No difference to the problem.
Downloaded ubuntu-12.10-beta-desktop-64.iso.
Sorry to say just as bad - on my PC- as the other downloads.
With or without internet connection no mouse so no go when reach unity.
Funny it seems that the cursor is there but invisible - if I move around 
the mouse some changes happen to the stuff on the desktop but does not 
So now I have 5 dvd's here that is "useless for my system".
Maybe I have a hardware problem.
I have installed and run - suse 12.2 - fedora 17- debian from 6 to the  
latest - ubuntu 12.10 - with no problem.
Thanks for your interest,

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