[ubuntu-za] ubuntu 12.10 daily live not able to use

Johan Scheepers johansche at telkomsa.net
Thu Sep 6 07:16:46 UTC 2012

On 06/09/2012 00:00, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Raoul (2012.09.05_23:50:17_+0200)
>> On 04/09/2012 19:38, Johan Scheepers wrote:
>>> Normal install, nothing.
>>> Downloaded the ALPHA. It install up to "choose a picture", then hangs.
>>> Still a lot of bugs
>> It's an alpha release, what do you expect? No one should be running
>> alpha releases as their main systems. Even beta releases should only
>> be run by the most brave of developers.
> It's really not all *that* bad. We try really hard to make the
> development release usable every day, so we can get as many testers
> running it as possible.
> Considering that beta 1 is coming out tomorrow, I'd wait for that.
> We put a lot of testing into getting working Alphas and Betas. Almost as
> much as goes into the final release ISO. An Alpha/Beta won't be released
> if it can't be installed by anyone. (Although it may not install for
> some people, all software is buggy...)
>> The daily builds are even more inclined to break, they don't have
>> tested code, they have, "hrm, I have an idea, I wonder if it will
>> work" code.
> No. They have tested code. Not every daily is usable, but that's more
> because the archive was broken in some way at the time it was built.
> Once you've installed, you get passed all those issues, anyway.
>> Stick to the official releases if you want your computer to work.
> Yeah. Stick to stable releases for getting work done.
> But please play with alphas and betas.
> Personally, I only run development releases. And I get work done. But
> I'm prepared to deal with really interesting breakages, and fix them :)
> SR
Good day,

I am a pensioner. As a hobby I fool around with linux flavours.
All is run on external usb drives.
My stable OS is ubuntu 12.04.
I never install more than one system on a drive. I have 8 drives on my 
desk with different OS'ses.
Now I am not an expert just u usable knowledge.
It is frustrating if a os is downloaded a few times and keep having the 
same problem.

Like Quantal..no cursor on install.
A tip from a member on a list. Try without internet connection. Well it 
worked up to "choose a picture".
So does die alpha release.
So by putting out these feelers some unbelievable work arounds can be 
found and hopefully the developers may take notice.
I also try google for a work around.

I am sure the developers do try their best for a flawless OS which is in 
live only a dream.
So thanks to you do at least we have something to "complain" about 
otherwise there would have "nothing"

Appreciate your efforts, so keep going please.

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