[ubuntu-za] Unity 2D and graphics drivers

Wikus mazal.wikus at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 15:58:16 UTC 2012

Charl ,

So if I understand correctly , Ubuntu will do software rendering until 
you install your graphics driver ?
IE , one will at least be able to install it and get the drivers 
installed and it won't just bomb out
on install ?

- Wikus

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On 06/11/2012 17:28, Charl Wentzel wrote:
> On 06/11/2012 16:43, Wikus wrote:
>> Afternoon all ,
>> I have received my new pc today. Decided to install 12.04 as 12.10 is 
>> just too slow and buggy.
>> My new pc has an ATI card. I have noticed after install that only 
>> Unity 2D was available.
>> I installed ATI drivers and all are fine now and on Unity 3D.
>> But , I have a question regarding future versions of Ubuntu. I have 
>> read (and think 12.10 is already like it)
>> that unity 2D are gonna be removed completely.
>> So how then would one install such an Ubuntu on a pc like mine if 
>> unity 2D isn't vailable ?
>> How are you gonna install and actually start it up to get the 
>> graphics drivers installed ?
>> If unity 2D is not included , and your card don't support unity 3D 
>> with Ubuntu's default drivers , then how do
>> you get it installed and drivers downloaded ?
>> - Wikus
> Hi Wikus
> As far as I know Unity 2D is no longer available from 12.10 on wards. 
> PC's without hardware acceleration, this function will be taken over 
> by software. In other words a slow PC will be even slower as it will 
> have an additional overhead to carry. The decision was made to 
> simplify development, having only Unity 3D to support from here on. 
> For a lot of people this is bad news, especially if you have old 
> hardware or like building low-end clients (like me). But I think 
> percentage-wise this is a fairly small group. Unfortunately, Ubuntu 
> therefore no longer "extends the liFe" of old hardware.
> I guess if you are already unhappy with Unity this might the last nail 
> in the coffin.
> If you Google this, you'll find quit a lot of discussion on this topic.
> Regards
> Charl

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