[ubuntu-za] Axxess smtp issues on Ubuntu

Hannes Coetzee scorpking at scorpking.za.org
Fri May 25 08:11:01 UTC 2012

On 24/05/2012 19:12, Wikus wrote:
> Evening all,
> Is there anybody that have axxess as ISP and use Thunderbird ?
> I have constant issues with sending mail where the smtp just hangs.
> According to them nothing is wrong , so now I wonder , is it a 
> software thing maybe ?
> Ubuntu or Thunderbird causing the issues ?
> It would work perfectly and then the next moment just hangs. And this 
> happens on two seperate laptops , on
> two seperate networks on two seperate adsl lines. So the hardware , 
> adsl line , router etc. is not to blame.
> - Wikus
I would add my Gmail's SMTP as the default mail server and use that.

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