[ubuntu-za] Wireless issues

Wikus wikus at cheetah-microsystems.com
Thu May 17 06:47:10 UTC 2012

Morning all,

I am struggling with a weird problem on my wireless.
Whenever the router restarts for whatever reason (power down or reboot) 
my wireless disconnects (as it should obviously do).
But then , it refuses to connect again once the router is up again. I 
have to reboot my laptop to connect the wireless again.

It sees the network , I click on it and provide the correct password , 
but then it just stands and searches and doesn't connect.
Eventually I have to reboot and then it connects by itself again.

What can this be and how can I get my wireless to re-connect whenever 
the router rebooted or went down and came back
up again?

Thank you

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