[ubuntu-za] How to get the iBurst USB modem (iBurst Kyocera UTU03-178D-ZA-A) to work on the Internet

Robert Holm robhholm at lantic.net
Thu May 10 12:02:06 UTC 2012

On 05/10/2012 08:04 AM, Nico Michael wrote:
> Hi there
> My ISP (iBurst) gave me an iBurst USB modem (iBurst Kyocera 
> UTU03-178D-ZA-A) which I want to use to connect my laptop to the 
> Internet when I am out of the office and at work or home to still be 
> able to use wifi.
> Is there any one here who has done this successfully?
> I am afraid of untested solutions, as I know Ubuntu has become very 
> brittle and can't afford to break my Ubuntu
The only easy and satisfactory way to do this is to get them to swap the 
usb modem for a desktop modem. The desktop modem uses an ethernet cable 
and pppoe. Works like a charm. This modem also has a usb port which you 
will need if you use Windows.

I have used it for years without problems, and I am running it on 12.04.

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