[ubuntu-za] Unity Desktop question

Nick Michael(PtaISP) nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Thu Jan 12 10:16:46 UTC 2012

Hi Charl

Thanks for the help

I have been googleing and found so many things that I tried without sucess

I will have to try this again tonight with a Jug of coffee

I could not get 3 by 2 to work

or the cube to work

I might have added too many settings now its broken

I will print then read your message 4 times
then try it out again


On 2012-01-12 11:20, Charl Wentzel wrote:
> Hi Nick
> I hope you have a big pot of coffee, because this might take a while...
>> I set up the General Settings:General Options  to have :
>> Horizontal size=6 desktops
>> vertical size =2
>> number of desktops =6
> These settings have always been confusing to me, but generally it seems
> you have to adjust either the Horizontal and Vertical or the Number of
> desktops but never both.
> e.g. To get 6 desktops, 3 wide x 2 high, you should set:  
>   Horizontal = 2, vertical = 3, Num of Desktops = 1 
> However, when you work with cube and you want 6 rotating desktops your
> settings must be:  
>   Horizontal = 1, vertical = 1, Num of Desktops = 6
> You might have to play around with this a bit.
>> In the Desktop settings I added Desktop cube and Rotate Cube and
>> Ubuntu unity Plugin enabled 
> Be careful when you do this.  There are a lot of things that clash 
> between these components, especially with the key combinations.  You'll 
> have to carefully review all the functions and keys.  I would however 
> not suggest using rotate cube with Unity.
> Ubuntu Tweak does have a view interesting options that I have enabled.
> Check out "Compiz Settings" under Tweaks -> Desktop in Ubuntu Tweak.
> You can activate special functionality when you move your mouse pointer
> to the corners of your desktop.  If set it such that:
>   - Lower left -> Show open window selection
>   - Lower right -> Show desktop switcher
>   - Upper right -> Show desktop
> It's very easy and much quicker to use than any other features
> PS: to install Ubuntu Tweak you need to:
>    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
>    sudo apt-get update
>    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak
>> I also enabled the View Port switcher
>> I still could not  figure out how to rotate or change my desktop with the mouse
> Check the key combination for each of the actions under the various plug-ins.
> If you need to do something with the mouse, it must be configured in one
> of the plug-ins.  However, its also likely that when it warned you about 
> clashing key combinations you selected an option that disabled the key 
> combinations you want.  Tweaking your desktop with Compiz can become very 
> technical especially when components start clashing.  It's better to use
> something like Ubuntu Tweak and accepting the options it gives you.
>> then I also added Compiz fusion Icon
>> Still nothing works
> This doesn't really do much other than giving you quick access to some
> features.  In itself it doesn't change any settings.
>> What is the secret to doing this ?
> For me... time, patience, Google, a strong desk and a sound-proof room .
> Regards
> Charl

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