[ubuntu-za] 'Buntu PC's can't see eachother on network

Daniel Louw daniel at dline.co.za
Sun Oct 3 11:27:59 BST 2010

Recently I decided to fire up an old pc lying around with Lucid to make
an experimental test platform for LFS (Linux From Scratch). I do not
have enough space on my desk to accommodate another PC, so I got the
idea to put the old PC on the network and then I can use a remote
desktop viewer to do all my work on.

Here is my problem:
The two 'Buntu machines can't see each other!

The network is mainly Win based with the shared printers connected to a
Win machine. The network has a combination of WiFi and UTP providing
access to all the PC's to the network. My main PC is connected via WiFi,
and the new (old) test PC is connected via UTP. The two 'Buntu machines
can see all the Win PC's and internet and printing working from the
'Buntu machines. DHCP is turned off, and I use static IP's.

The 'Buntu machines can ping each other without problem, but they can't
see each other in Nautilus. As a result remote desktop does not work.

Am I doing anything wrong? Any advice/help will be awesome!

Daniel Louw <daniel at dline.co.za>

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