[ubuntu-za] 'Buntu PC's can't see eachother on network

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  Hi Daniel

Does this help ?



On 03/10/2010 12:27, Daniel Louw wrote:
> Recently I decided to fire up an old pc lying around with Lucid to make
> an experimental test platform for LFS (Linux From Scratch). I do not
> have enough space on my desk to accommodate another PC, so I got the
> idea to put the old PC on the network and then I can use a remote
> desktop viewer to do all my work on.
> Here is my problem:
> The two 'Buntu machines can't see each other!
> The network is mainly Win based with the shared printers connected to a
> Win machine. The network has a combination of WiFi and UTP providing
> access to all the PC's to the network. My main PC is connected via WiFi,
> and the new (old) test PC is connected via UTP. The two 'Buntu machines
> can see all the Win PC's and internet and printing working from the
> 'Buntu machines. DHCP is turned off, and I use static IP's.
> The 'Buntu machines can ping each other without problem, but they can't
> see each other in Nautilus. As a result remote desktop does not work.
> Am I doing anything wrong? Any advice/help will be awesome!

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