[ubuntu-za] [GLUG-tech] 4gb RAM lucid 64 reboot loop issue

Quintin van Rooyen quintin.vanrooyen at gmail.com
Wed May 26 13:40:44 BST 2010

On 26 May 2010 14:30, zerlgi <zerlgi at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> Have you tried other distro's to see if they have the same issue.
> >> Perhaps you'll end up compiling your own kernel. :-(
> > Okay, that I could learn to live with... just have to keep an eye on me
> > flipping the lid closed and popping it in the laptop bag...
> > The real killer is the picture editing. That chows RAM like you won't
> > believe.
> YIP: "undo" ability eats memory.
> I only use 3 desktops, and nevah use gimp.

Right, acpi=off is not an option. CPU scaling is turned off, so the CPU runs
very hot, CPU fan hits max speed, so battery life is shot to heck, and
pressing the power button just makes the laptop go dead instantly.

Running with mem=4000m and Ubuntu says it has 2.9gb available :( that'l have
to do for now...

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