[ubuntu-za] Duplicate Home Directory

Ian Whitfield whitfield at federalsaints.net
Mon Mar 15 13:30:40 GMT 2010

*Hi All*

I seem to have duplicate Home Directories on my work machine!!??

When I set up Kubuntu 9.04 - seen as I have two Hard Drives in the 
computer I set my Home Directory to the second drive.

When I installed 9.10 I pointed the Home Directory to be on this second 
drive also but it seems as if I now have TWO Homes. The problem is that 
Dolphin only sees the new one so I can't combine them. Other programs 
see the older Home - for example I just Saved two photos attached to an 
eMail in Thunderbird and they are there but Dolphin does not find them.

So - how do I fix this? (I wondered where some of my files had gone!!!)

Is there a case clash ie is 'home', 'HOME' and 'Home"' treated the same?

With the upcoming 10.04 I want to keep all my Data on the second drive 
and do a fresh full install on the primary drive so what is the correct 

Thanks in advance

Ian Whitfield

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