[ubuntu-za] OLE object in OOO Spreadsheet

Gustav H Meyer ghmeyer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 17:14:51 GMT 2010

Hannes Coetzee wrote:
> I'd like to point something out though. It is a lot easier to restore a
> 10GB virtual disk (an icon on the desktop linked to a script that runs
> cp win.backup to win.disk) than it is to reinstall Windows (unless you
> use Ghost or something). Virtual machines can be used for a single
> purpose which makes it a lot less likely to get viruses and the usual
> wear & tear but you should also consider the amount of your time it's
> going to take to support such a system. Dual boot is also an option. In
> most cases it's easier to just leave users on Windows. Hijacking people
> to Linux doesn't work too well. As long as people know that they have
> options we've already made a lot of progress.

On top of that I would say that if you want to keep doing the same thing
in the same old way you should not expect different results.

The sad part is that you should expect to be forced to change with the
release of the next version of MS Office anyway. Old versions of
software tend to work less well on newer hardware and operating systems.

Perhaps the better idea would be to look at the long term and start
doing things differently according to proper ISO standards. The ODF
document format used by OpenOffice.org has the potential to last longer
and all indications are that working with it will be less painful in the
long run. In the end it will not matter what program or operating system
you use.

The ODF format is also a SABS approved standard.

Gustav H Meyer

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