[ubuntu-za] OLE object in OOO Spreadsheet

Robin Bownes robin at ncedatrust.org.za
Fri Mar 12 12:49:09 GMT 2010

Hi All, 

While I appreciate the levity and philosophising, and while this thread
has received more responses than for any other question that I've
posted, these responders are actually making no effort what so ever to
assist with what is a real and quite serious problem.

Is there anyone out there that can actually assist with the problem as
stated in my original email. (repeated below)



Hi All, 

I hope that you can help. My sister-in-law, whom I recently migrated to
Ubuntu and OpenOffice is experiencing the following problem. 

She is an accountant who receives spreadsheets from various companies.
One company embeds a scan of an actual statement into a cell of the
spreadsheet (.tif file) as an OLE object. The spreadsheet in question
was set up, by the company, in Excel, and is sent to her in that format.
In Excel, one just double clicks on the OLE object to open it in the
default graphics viewer. However, in OpenOffice Spreadsheet, there is no
"link" to the OLE object. Double clicking on the place-holder (a
rectangle) for the OLE object does nothing. It would seem that the
embedding process is semi-automated within Excel by use of the =embed()
function (gather this by looking at file in Excel on a Windows machine).
My current guess is that OpenOffice does not have (cannot find it), and
is unable to use this function.

If I cannot find a solution to this problem, my sister-in-law will have
to revert to a Microsoft system, as this forms an important aspect of
the work she does for this company. Is there an add-in, setting, etc.
that we can use?

Please help. Thanks.


PS. A little more info that I've just discovered.
OpenOffice Spreadsheet only sees a "drawing object" where originally an
OLE Object was embedded.
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