[ubuntu-za] Mousekeys problem on Samsung

Wesley Werner wesley.werner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 21:44:12 GMT 2010

> Can't select anything. Need to default to left click so I can select and
> grab stuff. Right-click should be emulated as in ctrl click.
> Cocooncrash reckons I should  examine
>  evdev, Option "ButtonMapping" and edit xorg.conf
> Whole bunch of technical detail to absorb, still thinking about it.
> I then tried what looked like a better option, installing mouseemu but
> it did something horribly  weird to the keyboard.
> *
> *Since, dpkg-reconfigure has been deprecated I couldn't reset the
> keyboard, so, I'm reinstalling again so my friend doesn't freak out, and
> then I'll try mousetweaks.
So the one button can click, but not select? Wow that's a new one. Is it a
N120 Netbook by any chance? My MSI netbook also has 'one' button below the
trackpad, but you can actually click the left/right sides separately.If this
doesnt work then it's not picking up the trackpad properly for some reason.
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