[ubuntu-za] System administration and Ubuntu Desktop Support positions

Brenton Edgar Scott trixarian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 18:24:32 GMT 2010

jan at aims.ac.za wrote:
> Hi
> AIMS ( http://www.aims.ac.za ) is advertising two IT positions.
> Currently AIMS runs 130 Ubuntu desktops and 10 Ubuntu servers.
> Read more: http://users.aims.ac.za/~jan/20475_UNIV_STELLENBOSCH.pdf
> regards,
> Jan
Sorry that I'm hijacking this thread, but the irony is that I'd probably 
be good at the desktop support positions, I just don't have the relevant 
qualifications - experience yes, qualification no.

I'm currently trying to get the relevant LPI, but between my parents and 
Linux Holding, it might be a while still. Don't get me wrong, I don't 
blame either. My parents just want to be sure and Linux Holding is just 
very busy at the moment.

I just want to say that there are people - if not talented people - out 
there that do not have qualifications because of circumstance and/or 
time, but do have the ability, skill and experience to do it. While on 
the flip side I've seen a guy get an A+ qualification and score higher 
than my one friend, but he changes RAM while the PC is STILL ON. This 
person now has an qualification and job in IT - in which he gets alot of 
people to replace their ram and motherboard (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, sorry for the hijacking and rant. Flame me if you must, but 
somebody had to say it.

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