[ubuntu-za] Wiki Jam & Peanut Butter

David Rubin drubin at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 11 20:48:17 GMT 2010

Evening Ubuntu-za

So the reason for the email is about getting things done. Firstly I
think the best place to start is at our roots which currently happens
to be our wiki [1]. Over the last few years yes years!! Our wiki has
gotten a little disorganised so instead of ever one going and do
random things at random times I set up a Wiki Jam [2] which currently
happens to be on 28th January between 17:00 and when ever. I also went
and started creating a little set of todo's.

3 pages that currently contain stuff we need to still do - Please
update as you see fit.
* [3] Wiki Maintenance -  Which list stuff that we need to do.
* [4] The fixme page - This is a tag I created and added to pages I
feel could be improved apon
* [5] The Admins page - This mostly lists admin tasks about installing
plugins and configuring our wiki.

The idea behind this is so we can help each other make the wiki a
better and neater place. Doing things in groups is always way fun.
There will be others that can help with Grammer, Layout suggestions,
Design, Graphics ..... Hopefully a few people that can do funky things
with css/images. hint hint all new Graphic designers that joined the
list. :)

The idea is that every one who wants to take part can join #ubuntu-za
on freenode [6] any time during the day pick something that still
needs to be done and "Just do it" if you want to help just ask.

One of the grand ideas was to revamp the css/images/theme for that it
would be great if the Graphic Wizes on the list could help out since
graphic design is still something that eludes me!!

David Rubin

Ps Jam was phrase taken from [7] [8] and I just felt that Peanut
butter was always the glue that held my sandwiches together.

[1] http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org
[2] http://www.google.com/calendar/render?cid=v3ljpciepcncmjkl2tsoao7290@group.calendar.google.com
[3] http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki_Maintenance
[4] http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Category:Fixme
[5] http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Admins
[6] http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/HowTo:Connect_to_IRC
[7] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[8] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams

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