[ubuntu-za] Nautilus Desktop frozen

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Fri Feb 5 10:25:42 GMT 2010

Lee Sharp wrote:
> I had a thought...  Create a new totally new user account.  Does it have 
> this problem?
> Also, did you run the memory test?  (I can't remember if you did... 
> This thread is long...)
> 			Lee
Hi Lee,

Memtest passed, no errors. I set up a new user account, and nautilus 
working fine for my second user. So its a bit weird! This is very much 
like a "bug" other users have reported. Something must be corrupted in 
one of the settings files in my home folder? But which file is 
corrupted? Wish there was a nautilus functionality tester.


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