[ubuntu-za] Nautilus Desktop frozen

Wesley Werner wesley.werner at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 11:08:31 GMT 2010

> Memtest passed, no errors. I set up a new user account, and nautilus
> working fine for my second user. So its a bit weird! This is very much
> like a "bug" other users have reported. Something must be corrupted in
> one of the settings files in my home folder? But which file is
> corrupted? Wish there was a nautilus functionality tester.
Yup that sounds like a broken config, are there any other errors in the logs
that look suspicious? Maybe something unrelated is causing your desktop to
freeze, usually hardware drivers are the biggest culprits for hard hangs, do
you have proprietary video drivers enabled? Or use a hardware RAID?

I'm guessing a driver has become unstable after its config got changed at
some point. maybe reconfiguring the XServer will restore the default config,
assuming its a video problem?
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