[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 10.04 ISOs and Repos

William Walter Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Fri Apr 30 08:37:05 BST 2010

Hi All,

This is for the Guys and Gals from the Durban area

I have the Ubuntu 10.04 ISOs and Repos


And the i386 repos from Ubuntu

Plus a few other repos, for things like VLC 1.1.0 svn, QGIS 1.4, fatrat

Also the Ubuntu Manual 10.04 ( PDF )

If possible, let us organize a place ( someones house, Business, etc ) that we can meet, so that people can get the ISOs and Repos

Unfortunately we don't have LEAD meeting anymore, so we need somewhere to do this

Possibly also organize an install fest as well

So anyone up for doing this

I have a 8 port 1Gb per port switch, so we can have 7 people copy the ISOs and Repos at the same time, as well as 3 laptops which can be used to burn the CDs

For those of you who don't know what fatrat is :
FatRat is a feature rich download manager written in C++ and built on top of
Qt4 library. It supports a lot of download and file exchange protocols and is
continuously extended. It also includes a plugin system.
Most relevant features are:

* HTTP(S)/FTP downloads
* FTP uploads
* RSS feed support + special functions for TV shows and podcasts
* BitTorrent support (including torrent creating, DHT, UPnP,
encryption etc.)
* Torrent search
* Support for SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies
* RapidShare.com FREE downloads
* RapidShare.com uploads
* RapidShare.com link verification and folder extraction
* RapidSafe link decoding
* MD4/MD5/SHA1 hash computing
* Remote control via Jabber
* Remote control via a web interface
* YouTube video downloading


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