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Mon Apr 26 09:12:04 BST 2010

> I suspect that on one of my many attempts to re install, I selected the
> boot side by side option, 10.04, 8.04 & XP.
> Ubuntu then re partitioned my hard drive & a primary partition was
> reduced to about 6Mb, this right next to the XP partition.
> Possibly, in doing this its taken some data out of the XP section. The
> MBR, which I think is at the end of the partition?
> Vincent

Ah okay, if your XP partition was resized then you will need to use Lee's
instructions to restore the MBR, and reinstall Grub after.

For interest, the boot loader stores where your Windows partition starts,
and when you resize the partition this start address changes, the boot
loader cannot find the Windows partition any more. Restoring the MBR will
reset the address to the new correct one, and reinstalling Grub will pick
this up too. More techy info about this on
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