[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 10.04

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Tue Apr 20 17:05:07 BST 2010

On 04/20/2010 06:07 AM, Bill Cairns wrote:

> My question is - is it worth waiting for a month or two (or how long?)
> to get a more solid product, or should I submit to my baser instincts
> and do it as soon as possible because I want to play with the new
> Ubuntu? The answer really depends on the quantity of the downloads
> required - if the ISO image is going to be 700 megs and the bug
> corrections during the next however long are going to be 200 megs,
> then waiting would seem the best option. If only 20 megs, then let's
> do it now. (IOK  - I know nobody knows how long a piece of string is,
> but previous releases must have given us an idea).

The first question is, how will you update?  I have the patients of a 6 
year old on crack, so I update with the alt-install disks.  It makes the 
upgrade much faster.  However, at the end you get the updates, and the 
first month will be a lot.  You could also wait for 10.04.1 which will 
come in 3-6 months with all the early patches.  This will save you 
download.  You can also do a network upgrade which will be the most 
efficient in bandwidth as it will be current as soon as you download it. 
  But you have to download it all, not get an iso from a friend.

Next is how many updates?  A lot I think.  I have been running Lucid on 
my work laptop for a few months not.  The updates have been huge and 
often.  The last kernal update also broke my system, so there is another 
big one coming.  There are a LOT of significant changes in this version, 
so I am sure a lot of new bugs will come out on the release day, and 
week...  If you do not have a lot of bandwidth, wait a bit...


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