[ubuntu-za] Release Party Time

Marco Gallotta marco at gallotta.co.za
Thu Apr 8 14:56:42 BST 2010

We usually have a few members from UCT Algorithm Circle coming along,
so I'm playing around with the idea of making this a jointly hosted
event. We can look into using AC funds to subsidise lunch (or pay in
full, depending on cost).

If we do this, we'll advertise it more directly to all AC members,
which could bring a fair number. We would want something to catch
their interests, while still keeping within the open source spirit. So
I was thinking of having a talk on starting an open source project on
launchpad, which could cover things like:
- Open discussion on projects people have worked on, are working on
and have ideas to work on
- Why should I go open source? (not just religious reasons!)
- Do you look for people to form a team with, or do you just start the
project and let it attract developers?
- Joining an existing project versus creating a new one
- Creating the project on launchpad
- Bazaar for people who have never used any form of version control
- Working with other developers on launchpad: bug reporting tool,
branching, review system
- Take an example project (ibid?) and get people fiddling around a bit
(could have example bugs to fix)

The above is just one idea though and I'd be happy to hear other's comments.


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