[ubuntu-za] Remote graphic access between ubuntu boxes

wayne plettpc at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 06:35:33 GMT 2009

Bruno Marques wrote:
>well. my friend now says that using vnc he could easily speak from his 
> linux box at home to his linux box at work..
> what his trouble is now,.. is that he cant from a windows box at home 
> connect to the linux box at work..
> what he's saying is that linux by default opens the port 5900 for RDP, 
> and that port is opne... but the windows box uses the port 3389... he 
> said he already tried changing the default port on the linux box to the 
> same port as windows with now effect
> he tried later a program called xrdp, and with that program, he altered 
> the config gile, so now the port was listening but he couldnt establish 
> the connection,
> and today he tried tightvncviewer, but hes saying that its too difficult 
> to configure, and hes looking for a more simpler and working solution to 
> connect from windows pc to ubuntu, with the graphic interface..
> many thanks
> Bruno Marques
Well bruno, If he has Vncserver, on his work machine , Just run 
Vncserver from the cmd, and it'll tell u what desktop number its using 
e.g.  Server:1

On windows tightvnc, connect to XX.XX.XX.XX:1 the latter desktop number 
is critical.

BTW: The client does not dictate the the port number used> Client 
connection must just coincide with whatever the server is using.

Wayne A
Wayne A

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