[ubuntu-za] Remote graphic access between ubuntu boxes

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Fri Oct 30 14:15:18 GMT 2009

I have friends like this.  It is why I drink...

Bruno Marques wrote:
> well. my friend now says that using vnc he could easily speak from his 
> linux box at home to his linux box at work..
> what his trouble is now,.. is that he cant from a windows box at home 
> connect to the linux box at work..
> what he's saying is that linux by default opens the port 5900 for RDP, 
> and that port is opne... but the windows box uses the port 3389... he 
> said he already tried changing the default port on the linux box to the 
> same port as windows with now effect

RDP, VNC, and NX are all remote desktop protocols, and none are 
compatible.  The Linux tsclient has plugins for all of them, but no 
Microsoft product does.

> he tried later a program called xrdp, and with that program, he altered 
> the config gile, so now the port was listening but he couldnt establish 
> the connection,

Yep.  See line above.

> and today he tried tightvncviewer, but hes saying that its too difficult 
> to configure, and hes looking for a more simpler and working solution to 
> connect from windows pc to ubuntu, with the graphic interface..

He is an idiot, or lazy, or both.  TightVNC is about the simplest VNC 
solution for Windows out there. The viewer is as basic as basic gets. 
He just wants you to do it.


PS:  Use "ssh -X" for a simple interface that supports GUI apps.  Not 
this guy, however.  Setting up X on windows and making it work with 
putty actually is hard, and would break him.

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