[ubuntu-za] Remote graphic access between ubuntu boxes

Russell Cloran russell at rucus.net
Fri Oct 30 09:57:47 GMT 2009

Hi Bruno,

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 11:37 AM, Bruno Marques <bruno at tropical.co.mz> wrote:
> well.. what programs do you guys suggest that are easy to implement, and
> easy to navigate, my friend isnt that much of a geek into linux and
> ubuntu, so any command line hassle free program should be just great...

"Vino" is a VNC server which shares a currently running desktop. It
should be installed by default, you can turn it on with:

System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop

If it's not there, install the vino package (for example, by sudo
aptitude install vino)

There are a few VNC viewers available in Ubuntu. tsclient is a
graphical client which can use vnc-viewer (I *think* both are
installed by default). You can access it with Applications -> Internet
-> Terminal Server Client

If it's not there, install the tsclient and vnc-viewer packages (for
example, by sudo aptitude install tsclient vnc-viewer)



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