[ubuntu-za] Remote graphic access between ubuntu boxes

Gavin netmatters at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 09:49:40 GMT 2009

2009/10/30 Bruno Marques <bruno at tropical.co.mz>:
> hello all..
> i have a friend who wants to acces his ubuntu box at work, from his
> ubuntu box at home..
> but he doesnt want to use the simple ssh route in the command line..
> instead, he wants to use the graphical interface of ubuntu, because of a
> program he wants to run from his home.
> well.. what programs do you guys suggest that are easy to implement, and
> easy to navigate, my friend isnt that much of a geek into linux and
> ubuntu, so any command line hassle free program should be just great...
> any ideas?

VNC should already be installed! Try that!

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