[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Mon Oct 26 17:42:29 GMT 2009

Ewald Horn wrote:
> Hi.
> This is indeed dangerous marketing - let's steer clear of trying to
> convince people Linux is fail-safe. Remember that users will still
> download things they should not, install add-ons and toolbars in
> FireFox that makes it crash etc. To most users, virus and/or spyware
> is a myth, their machine either works or it does not. If you claim
> Linux to be spyware/virus free or proof, you leave yourself open for
> (valid) attacks by other OS vendors. Linux itself might be less
> susceptible and more secure, but that does not extend to all
> applications.

But that is a real benefit.  I describe it in an analogy.  The original 
PC was a single user, stand alone device with no network.  There was no 
need for security.  I compare it to an open air pavilion, with a slab to 
stand on, and a roof to keep off the rain and that is it.  Then along 
came networking, and Microsoft has been covering the sides with plywood, 
corrugated tin, cardboard, and anything else they can find to "secure" 
it, but it is still that open design at heart.

Unix, on the other hand, has been multi user from the start.  And the 
security model started with even older systems.  So Linux, based on 
Unix, was more of a cinder block building, like a dormitory.  Yes, 
occasionally the locks need upgrading, but the walls are quite solid. 
And it keeps the boy down the hall from getting in your stuff easily, 
unline the Microsoft model where you just need a box cutter.

> Rather focus on the real benefits, the growing user and support base
> (a very large and real concern for my clients) as well as the
> tremendous cost implications of not going the Linux route. I have
> clients that have been using FreeBSD-based firewalls for more than two
> years who refused to believe a free OS is worth a minute of their
> time, right until I pointed out that I do maintenance on the Win2k
> servers once a month, and never touch the trusty firewall machine that
> stands in the corner. Now THAT made them listen when I suggested
> PostgreSQL on a Linux box for their next SQL-dependant project.

Small world...  I am a m0n0wall dev.  Are you using m0n0wall or 
pf-sense?  And yes, a multi year uptime can surprise them a lot!


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