[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Quintin Beukes quintin at last.za.net
Mon Oct 26 10:43:35 GMT 2009

Very open minded approach. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks.

> This is indeed dangerous marketing - let's steer clear of trying to
> convince people Linux is fail-safe. Remember that users will still
> download things they should not, install add-ons and toolbars in
> FireFox that makes it crash etc. To most users, virus and/or spyware
> is a myth, their machine either works or it does not. If you claim
> Linux to be spyware/virus free or proof, you leave yourself open for
> (valid) attacks by other OS vendors. Linux itself might be less
> susceptible and more secure, but that does not extend to all
> applications.
> Rather focus on the real benefits, the growing user and support base
> (a very large and real concern for my clients) as well as the
> tremendous cost implications of not going the Linux route. I have
> clients that have been using FreeBSD-based firewalls for more than two
> years who refused to believe a free OS is worth a minute of their
> time, right until I pointed out that I do maintenance on the Win2k
> servers once a month, and never touch the trusty firewall machine that
> stands in the corner. Now THAT made them listen when I suggested
> PostgreSQL on a Linux box for their next SQL-dependant project.

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