[ubuntu-za] Network Manager Ubuntu 9.10

Stefano Rivera ubuntu-za at rivera.za.net
Tue Oct 13 10:12:13 BST 2009

Hi Abrie, (2009.10.12_15:16:02_+0200)
> I have installed 9.10 Beta yesterday at work ( I like to live on the
> edge ;-) ) but I can't save the static ip addresses in Network Manager. 
> It crashes repeatedly and when it doesn't crash it doesn't save the
> static addresses.

There has recently been quite a bit of instability in NetworkManager.
I don't know if this was at the same time as the Beta, or afterwards. Anyway,
updating to the latest version should help.

> So I tried to installed a newer version of wicd but  then I got a
> dependency problem and when I tried to install the dependency I got the
> "bad file descriptor" again.

I'd say use network-manager if possible - it's the preffered Ubuntu way.

> So what can I do? Except  downloading every dependency for the newer
> Network manager.

You are going to have to upgrade everything, yes. That isn't small, but it's
kind of what you have to do when you live on the edge.

(That, or downgrade to Jaunty)


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