[ubuntu-za] Questions from a new member

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 15:31:18 GMT 2009

> 1) In the past month have read articles that say both.... "KDE is dead" and
> also "KDE is the killer Desktop"! Allowing for obvious personal preferences
> what do the local members think? I have tried both KDE and Gnome and prefer
> KDE. I also read that Gnome has a lot of extras over KDE - is this true?

I've used kde for years, but had some crashes with it a couple of months ago.
Then I tried out xfce and gnome but now I'm back to kde.
I spent at least a couple of weeks working in each, trying to make
everything worked, but when I got too frustrated I moved on.
In retrospect I think there is some mismatch between 64bit Kde4 nvidia
drivers and desktop effects which
caused higher than expected memory usage (4Gb wasnt enough) and regular crashes.
Now I keep effects off and uninstalled the nvidia drivers and things
work for me in kde again.

Reasons why I'm back:
* Xfce didn't have all the desktop goodies I've grown used to, and the
overall desktop integration and quality was below what I get in kde.
* Gnome didn't work out for me either, I guess I just got frustrated
with not being able to tweak everything. I was also missing some
desktop goodies like a nice taskbar network monitor which can monitor
each interface separately. <alt-f2> doesn't brink up as nice of a
laucher as kde (which doubles as a calculator). The menu isn't
searchable like kde (which made me too lazy to remember where stuff
is). I could not figure out how to set shortcuts for switching
desktops (in kde its <ctrl-f1..f4>)

Thats just some notes on my experience which helped me figure out all
over again why I prefer kde.
Hopefully kde in karmic is much more polished as promised (I'll
install it soon).

<>< Marius ><>

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