[ubuntu-za] [Update] Karmic Release Party (Gauteng)

Walter Leibbrandt walter+ubuntuza at translate.org.za
Mon Nov 2 10:43:38 GMT 2009


As stated on the wiki 
(http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Karmic_Release_Party/Pretoria), the Gauteng 
(Pretoria) release party for Ubuntu Karmic Koala will be held this 
Saturday (7 November), 12:30 for 13:00 at the Karoo Cattle and Land 
restaurant in Irene Village Mall. It is, of course, free and open to 
anyone interested.

What is available:
- A bunch of Ubuntero's for chatting/questions/receiving stuff. ;)
- Karmic ISOs. Most (if not all) of them.
- Karmic repositories (bring your external HDDs!).
- Power for your laptop.

- People interested in Ubuntu.
- CDs/DVDs. Any volunteers willing to burn and donate a few disks for 
the portability-challenged?
- CD/DVD writer. Is there anyone attending with a CD/DVD writer in their 
laptop that won't mind burning a few ISOs?

There are no specific talks planned, but a good question can quite 
possibly lead to an impromptu mini-talk.

Please let me know if there are any questions or suggestions. Also 
remember to spread the word and get as many people there as you can!

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