[ubuntu-za] Tracker Applet

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Tue Jul 7 10:10:05 BST 2009

William Walter Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> Always search in Synaptic, it has lots of apps waiting to be installed.
> Use different words to search, like I used "search", and would also have tried "find" if I had not found anything with "search"
> I searched Synaptic for "search", and found these
> beagle
> deskbar-applet
> disksearch
> doodle
> There are possibly more, that might do the job better, that I will leave up to you to search for
> William
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tks for all the help, will give a look around and see if i can find 
something usefull :-)

once again, thanks to all for the help ;)

Bruno Marques

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