[ubuntu-za] Introduction to C programming in Ubuntu

Mark Richards markrich at telkomsa.net
Wed Jul 1 18:49:31 BST 2009

Very cool, let me know if you learn anything.....

I just recently downloaded C# Express 2008 and brought C# for dummies.....

Unfortunately the C# for dummies assumes u are a bit advanced...I really
need a real dummies  book

Let me know what happens

Simon Richards wrote:
> 2009/7/1 Charl Wentzel <charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za>:
>> I recently changed my whole development environment and learnt a whole
>> bunch of new tools that revitalised my development process.  I'm so
>> excited about this I would like to present a session of my own to
>> anybody that's interested.
>> This would be an Introductory session (preferably on a Saturday) to
>> present some of the tools that I know.  For example:
>> - Language: C++
>> - Type of application: Command line tools
>> - IDE: Eclipse + CDT
>> - Tools: Cmake, Valgrind
>> - VCS: Bazaar
> Definitely interested to attend, great idea, thank you, this will
> undoubtedly raise enthusiasm levels.

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