[ubuntu-za] Introduction to C programming in Ubuntu

Sudhashen Naicker sudhashen at ixion.co.za
Wed Jul 1 09:40:37 BST 2009

Charl Wentzel wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Firstly, let me say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Packaging Jam on
> Saturday.  This got me thinking about doing the same on other topics.
> >From experience I know that there are plenty of guys out there that want
> to do development in Linux but don't know:
> - where to start,
> - what's available,
> - what to choose
> This includes newbies to programming, ex-Windoze programmers, etc, etc.
> I recently changed my whole development environment and learnt a whole
> bunch of new tools that revitalised my development process.  I'm so
> excited about this I would like to present a session of my own to
> anybody that's interested.
> This would be an Introductory session (preferably on a Saturday) to
> present some of the tools that I know.  For example:
> - Language: C++
> - Type of application: Command line tools
> - IDE: Eclipse + CDT
> - Tools: Cmake, Valgrind
> - VCS: Bazaar
> I know you can spend a day on each of these, but the idea here is to
> introduce someone to a whole environment which they could then continue
> to learn and master on their own.
> Also important; this is not my attempt to push certain options over
> other and I don't want to get involved in flame wars over which tool is
> better than the other.  This is merely an attempt to INTRODUCE ONE
> If you feel strongly about another language or another tool why don't
> you offer to present your own session!  In fact, I would applaud that!!!
> Or come along and tell us about it.
> The cost of training courses and outside of the reach of normal
> hobbiest.  So a community effort like this would be ideal for a lot of
> guys.  And if we have more sessions like this on simmilar topics our
> local community would become an incubator for Ubuntu contributors.
> I'll provide some Intrepid CD's for those who do not have a working
> installation yet and help them install it before session... a quick Wubi
> install if necessary.
> What I need is a venue.  Any offers?
> Of course anybody is welcome!  Whether your new at programming,
> ex-Windoze, or experienced and would like to know more about one of
> those tools.
> I'm not going to pretend that I know everything, so guys with experience
> that can help answer questions and just talk to the newbies would be a
> great plus! 
> Anybody interested in coming?  Even if just 2 guys/girls come it would
> be worth it.  Can I start a Wiki page on the Ubuntu-za site?
> Regards
> Charl
> ________________________________________
> For those interested in my background:
> I've been programming since Std 7 (20 years to date).  I started doing
> development in Linux 7 years ago for embedded systems.  I switched to
> Ubuntu about a year ago.  
> I now have my own business doing embedded system development for serial
> device interfaces, networking applications (web services) and
> web-enabled databases applications.  So pretty much low-level stuff, not
> GUI.
> The tools I know include: 
> Language: C++, PHP 
> IDE: Kdevelop3, Eclipse + CDT, Quanta Plus
> Database: MySQL
> Other: MySQL, Valgrind, Cachegrind, Cmake, CVS (+Cervicia), Git, Bazaar
> I know a few more languages/tools for Windoze, but they don't matter
> anymore)

I can offer a venue - in Midrand, near Siemans
Conference room(seats 10 but can squeeze a couple more)with projector -  
snacks not included :-)

Kind Regards

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