[ubuntu-za] Post intrepid 'no sound' problem - ALSA, PulseAudio, & drivers

Péter Nel petern2 at openweb.co.za
Wed Jan 14 12:06:18 GMT 2009

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I just noticed in gnome-sound-properties that tere are multiple
additional available selections for ALSA, and also OSS, e.g.
I had the plain "ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" selected --
"NVidea nForce2 with ALC650F NVidea nForce2 - IEC958 (ALSA)"
"NVidea nForce2 with ALC650F NVidea nForce2 (ALSA)"
"NVidea nForce2 with ALC650F NVidea nForce2 (OSS)"
"NVidea nForce2 with ALC650F NVidea nForce2 (OSS)"
"NVidea nForce2 with ALC650F NVidea nForce2 (OSS)"

Still, none of them work.

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Thanks Louis.

Like I said previously, Main and PCM is unmuted. They are both at
about 90%. Looking at gnome-alsamixer, the list of visible mixers and
their mute statuses are (0=unmuted; 1=muted):
Master - 0
Master M - 0
3DContr - ?
3DContr - ?
PCM - 0
Surround - 1
Center - 1
LFE - 1
Line - 1 (Rec - 0)
CD - 0 (Rec - 0)
Mic - 0 (Rec - 1)
Video - 0 (Rec - 0)
Phone - 1 (Rec - 0)
IEC958 P - ?
PC Speak - 0
Aux - 1 (Rec - 0)
Capture - ? (Rec - 1)

Further, "Surround Down Mix" and "Duplicate Front" are ticked.

What's funny here is that the name on the tab, i.e. the "title" of all
these controls, is "Realtek ALC650F" which the gnome-volume-control
app lists as the alternate device (OSS) i mentioned in the previous mail.
Under gnome-alsamixer "Program Preferences" -> "Sound Card Names and
Visibility" it's the only one listed and is ticked. Unchecking it
changes nothing, and it reverts to being checked.

Also, as previously stated, everything in gnome-sound-properties is
set to use ALSA - this was done according to the blog i mentioned
before (that disables pulseaudio, and uses alsa only):
.. so I assume it is the correct device.

Any other ideas?

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    Damn (vent alert!..): It used to work. I thought we were past this
    kind of problem. A single issue like this might kill the entire OS for
    some people.
    Luckily I'm a die hard ubuntero.

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Hi Péter,

Don't laugh, but have you checked that it's not on mute? From what I
can see in your mail, everything appears to be configured correctly,
and no errors are reported (as you said). Firstly check in
*gnome-sound-properties* and ensure that the correct devices are
selected. you can also test the sound from there. If that fails, check
your volumes in gnome-volume-control or alsamixer and make sure that
nothing is on mute.

who knows, it's worth a shot :-)



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