[ubuntu-za] Skype, Ubuntu, Weekend

Nelis nelis.botha at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 13:51:58 GMT 2009

re: skype ... what i did with skype is to play with the settings in
skype itself ... im running it on alsa ... all is working fine 

On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 15:05 +0200, David Robert Lewis wrote:
> Good weekend Ubunteros,
> Just a few issues today:
> 1. Skype, Me too, haven't managed to get my mic up and running. Tried
> alsamixer and toggling with tab and m but no go, the mic is still off,
> do I have to remove pulse audio or turn it off? How do I do this?
> 2. Proxy setting. Funny bug this one - I have proxy service at Openweb,
> which is great for browsing, and I can set the Network proxy but, what
> happend to the verification box, surely not all proxy's are free?
> W: Failed to fetch
> http://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ubuntu/pool/main/n/nss/libnss3-0d_3.12.2~rc1-0ubuntu2~fta1~hardy_amd64.deb
>   407 Proxy Authentication Required
> There is no box for setting verification details in the system, seems
> the design team left it out.
> 3. Implementing bug control on this list: Since, Ubuntu is us, how do we
> go about the fixing Network Proxy app, and keeping track of the
> community modifications, for example, the Pulse Audio problem?
> 4. Wiki (as above) I don't see much up at the Wiki. Would be nice to
> have a local Bugs list, things that Bug us in ZA, as opposed to the rest
> of the World. Then we could actually implement the ZA-Buntu proposal in
> a meaningful way.
> 5. Underlying Metaphor of Ubuntu: to reiterate on a theme on which I
> emailed morgan, the quibbles I have with Ubuntu from a design point of
> view is that it's way too terminal-focused (a problem with most Linux
> distro's) the trick is to see if we can map the SUI (Semantic User
> Interface) to the GUI (Graphical User Interface), in a meaningful way so
> that children (and women) will be able to relate. 
> Think of it as a Brain-Mind-Body dilemma, we not always focused on the
> Brain, sometimes the Body takes over, sometimes the Mind plays tricks,
> this is why the GUI is necessary, but a GUI that merely repeats the SUI
> is not evolution. What we want is a GUI on its own terms, that can stand
> up to other GUI's, for example the OSX which is one of the worlds great
> GUI's precisely because the SUI is under control.
> As for Windows - surely a case of locking down the SUI too hard and not
> letting the user take control, so a compromise????
> Goodluck, have a great weekend with Ubuntu
> David.

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