[ubuntu-za] Ekiga and Pigeon local setup.

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Tue Feb 17 19:10:02 GMT 2009

Does anyone have the local settings for Pigeon and Ekiga, I only have 
local bandwidth and can't access international sites outside of co.za 
domain. :-)Thanks

PS Ubuntu is still the best distribution! And am sorry to hear that one 
of the ZA members took his own life. Perhaps this is an opportunity to 
mention that I am a volunteer at  the Ubuntu Centre for Treatment 
Alternatives in Mental Health and Psychrights Advocacy in Maitland. 
Suicide is an  existential and phenominological issue and not enough is 
being done about existential psychology when people all too readily 
reach for medication or labelling problems with living as illness.

Anyway, enough said. We plan to implement Ubuntu as a means to alleviate 
the biggest cause of psychosocial problems in our community i.e poverty. 
Ubuntu can help us all to get out of the techology trap of perpetual 
hardware upgrades  and solve the digital divide where those caught on 
the wrong side no longer have any say in the future. Hope this reaches 
you all since I am using a new email from Telkom, your service provider 
for life.

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