[ubuntu-za] Vlc Player not Showing video

William Gebers wgebers at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 10:43:45 GMT 2009

Hi Bruno.
2009/12/4 Bruno Marques <bruno at tropical.co.mz>

> hello there
> i dont know why, but when i tried to play a movie today on my ubutnu
> 9.10 machine, the video player that i use, vlc isnt showing any sound..
> Not sure if this applies in 9.10, but for previous versions, and I had to
do this a day or two ago, some of the updates for ubuntu can cause the audio
drivers to stop working.  If you are using the alsa driver, you may need to
recompile the driver for the new kernel.
I don't have the link with me, but if you google "ubuntu no sound alsa" you
should find some information on how to recompile / update.

the movie is playing, but no sound appears, instead the window where the
> video should appear is completely transparent, i've tried other formats
> of video but its the same thing... is there a setting that might have
> ticked off this?
> Not sure about the video, but as per the previous reply, I would check that
you have the right codecs installed.

> many thanks in advance
> regards
> Bruno Marques
> Regards,


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