[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Thu Apr 30 14:56:28 BST 2009

David Robert Lewis wrote:

> Surely an option in the installer would be helpful. Something under 
> advanced options giving users the ability to create a seperate /home 
> partition? But like I said, partitions are going the way of the arc. The 
> best bet is for a hypervisor technology and to canvass manufacturers to 
> introduce a better system than BIOS. It strikes me that a lot could be 
> done by giving us more options in the firmware, and putting MBR 
> superblock somewhere where it can't get written over so quickly or fail 
> due to materials problem on the harddrive. Harddrive is a very bad place 
> to put anything.

I would love to see a filesystem with parity.  You can loose blocks 
without loosing data, and as they go bad, you use more blocks for parity 
and your drive shrinks.  Easily done with todays technology.  Now just 
get everyone to switch. :)


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