[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Thu Apr 30 11:54:54 BST 2009

Hannes Coetzee wrote:
>>> In fact I am in the process of 
>>> recovering data from a brand new 500GB second hard-drive that I 
>>> formatted NTFS hoping this would be safe, and now turns out there are 
>>> bad sectors and I will probably have to return it. 
> Use http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/ddrescue.html to recover your 
> hard drive. You can use stop and continue the copy process. There is 
> also an option to tell it "start to copy at 10GB and copy 50GB 
> thereafter". That way you can copy the whole hard drive around the 
> problem areas without losing info. Make sure you use a logfile when you 
> copy the drive because that will add all the pieces you copy together 
> and remember where the bad blocks are. The rest of the options available 
> are described in the help files. I recovered 99.99% of my data on the 
> last drive thatt did not even mount and dd could not copy. There is also 
> testdisk for partition recovery. Hope this helps.
>> I wish Ubuntu would default with a /home partition.
>> I can dream ;-)
> It would save me the trouble of doing it manually every time. Didn't 
> someone say it will be implemented in 9.04? Not sure where I've read 
> that though.
> Hannes
Thanks Hannes, but I've used photorec and my own method of recovery 
which is now posted on a blog http://indlovu.wordpress.com/ for future 

Surely an option in the installer would be helpful. Something under 
advanced options giving users the ability to create a seperate /home 
partition? But like I said, partitions are going the way of the arc. The 
best bet is for a hypervisor technology and to canvass manufacturers to 
introduce a better system than BIOS. It strikes me that a lot could be 
done by giving us more options in the firmware, and putting MBR 
superblock somewhere where it can't get written over so quickly or fail 
due to materials problem on the harddrive. Harddrive is a very bad place 
to put anything.


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