[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Wed Apr 29 19:51:50 BST 2009

Lee Sharp wrote:
> David Robert Lewis wrote:
>> Are you saying that I would have to re-install directly from the Repos, 
>> each individual programme? Is the system intelligent enough to figure 
>> out what needs to change and what can stay the same? Hoping for some 
>> intelligence especially with low-bandwidth. Never done this so its a 
>> great mystery.
> The lowest bandwidth way to upgrade is with an alt-install disk.  You 
> run the upgrade script and it keeps you configuration and upgrades all 
> the programs to the distribution version.  It is quite intelligent.  You 
> can also do this over the net, but it will download half a gig for each 
> upgrade.
> However, some programs are not carried over and you can get poor results 
> when they are dropped.  My example of ogle is a program that does not 
> exist for Jaunty.  And the Intrepid version may or may not run.  I have 
> not yet tested...
> 			Lee
Sorry to be pedantic, but am I right in assuming that Ubuntu develops 
along a particular path for six months whereupon there is a feature 
freeze and the only thing distinguishing one version from the next is 
that if version A was completely updated it would almost be version B 
but for the addition of one important update and one can only go past 
this point by accepting the Ubuntu versioning system as a point of 
reference? Or am I completely lost? Are there serious changes in the 
architecture from one distribution to the next /or/ is this really all 
an incremental evolution/experiment with opensource?

Sorry to here about ogle, but surely there is some site where one could 
audit this kind of thing. Upload your markings file > determine which 
distribution you wish to upgrade/downgrade to > audit what works and 
what doesn't for your processor/motherboard timezone/whatever according 
to a single database > output the relevent info into a nice format. 
Encourage users to attach this and their markings file and MBR to a 
Personalised and Private Data Penguin using stegnography and then carry 
all of this around on a flash = abstracted, symbolic version of your 
home machine. (Got one version 
<http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/19250/> of this up on ubuntubrainstorm)


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