[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Mon Apr 27 11:23:33 BST 2009


So to avoid the bootup freeze, I took the plunge and upgraded Jaunty.

Used the alternate CD -i386 for the job.

Worked well on both my production machines

Only problem was on the HP laptop dv 6611ie.
which has the problem of a broadcom wifi and nvidia graphics card

so wifi did not work immediately
screen resolution did not work at anything beyond 600x400

Also the update did not automatically update menu.list.

Solution was simple
1. Manually amend menu.list and insert the new jaunty kernel in the
relevant spot
2. installed envyng and it recognised my card and set up resolution
3. wifi then seemed to work as well.

now works well.


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